Programs at ENFANCE Foundation

Through its involvement in disadvantaged communities, ENFANCE is dedicated to reach out the poorest and left behind families. Our Family Development Approach focuses on developing self-reliance and problem solving capacities by establishing a relationship of trust and linking families to available services.

Family Development Program

The Family Development Program targets approximately 10% of “extremely poor” families (level 3 or 4 on our poverty assessment scale, corresponding to the poorest of the poor only above street families) who are not accessing services that are theoretically available to them and who are experiencing psychosocial issues (e.g. single parent families, stress, depression and anxiety due to dire living conditions, domestic violence, etc) hindering their progression out of poverty.

The Program’s overall objective is to bridge the gap between the poorest of the poor and the existing organizations providing health, education, social and economic services. It empowers families by helping them build their problem-solving capacities and by linking them with a network of quality, poor-friendly services to meet their needs. Self-reliance and autonomy are the ultimate goals.

Family Budget and Savings Program

The Family Budget and Savings Program is a social project designed by ENFANCE and created in partnership with Uplift Philippines who is providing a micro-savings component targeting the poorest of the poor.

The financial product was specifically designed to fit the poorest families’ needs: 1-peso minimum balance, 1 peso minimum deposit (hence the name of this savings account: “Piso Pisong Ipon”), collection in the areas.

Through home-based visits and community financial literacy training, the Program encourages saving among the poorest communities in order to assist them with risk reduction for their family (facing health emergencies, rebuilding dwellings after calamities, etc.) as well as enabling them to achieve their family’s projects in a sustainable manner and one which does not inflict negatively on their overall welfare: indeed, savings provide an alternative to high interest debt.

Community Based Training Program

The Community-based Training (CBT) Program was developed after the team attended a graduate class in Family Therapy where the workers shared their experiences to graduate students in the MA/Ph.D. program of University of the Philippines in family therapy.

The team received positive feedback: the students told them how much they learned from their experiences which they could not get from books; this led to the idea of developing an internship program as well as a training program for other NGOs.

In this way, ENFANCE is able to work on both sides of the referral system, encouraging families to access services that could be beneficial to them while at the same time working with service providers and future service providers to make their services more pro-poor in nature to ensure repeat visits and access.

ENFANCE’s goal, with this training scheme, is to build bridges between poor communities and other communities in the Philippines, to add our approach to the training of future social workers, doctors, and psychologists; also to support the work of other NGOs.

Moreover, since 2015, we have concluded a partnership with the Department of Social Welfare in order to conduct and improve the Family Development Session of members of the Pantawid Pamilya Pilipino Program.