Discover the story of some of the families who have gone through our programs.

Success story: Sari-sari store

Portrait: 01E.C. is 33 years old and her husband C.C. is 40years old. The couple have five children. Before, the income of the husband was through selling ice cream, but the amount was irregular especially in rainy season.

E.C. became a member of PPI in Baseco and she opened a sari – sari store with a loan she acquired from one of EnFaNCE’s partners, UPLiFT. However, the business went bankrupt due to the husband only earning irregular income and because some of the neighbours were given discounts or did not repay loans to the store.

She temporarily stopped depositing in her PPI account because they needed to prioritize repaying their loan to UPLIFT. The couple remained positive and as soon as the loan was repaid, they began to save again in their PPI Account. Since then, little by little, they have been able to build up savings again and she has inspired her husband to open his own account.

Now, the family have been able to use their savings to build their own toilet, acquire access to their own water supply, buy appliances and they have been able to support school projects and celebrations of their children. They are able to respond to their needs and wants through their PPI savings.

In 2013, they withdrew 9500 pesos to renovate their house changing the nature of it from light materials to concrete making their home more stable should a disaster occur.

Success story: Crescendo, Decrescendo

Success story: Crescendo, DecrescendoLife is in constant flux, ever progressing towards an unknown. With its crescendos and decrescendos, it is anything but a constant tune. This is what one finds in the case of Angel and Robert’s family.

Curious about what life had in store for them in the big city, Angel and Robert, then a young couple, unheeded their parents’ and other relatives’ apprehensions in journeying to Manila. Migrating from Samar, they ended up in a then small community in Baseco, Manila.

It was not long before Robert found work as a laborer in Divisoria, earning just enough for the couple’s daily needs. Life then was relatively easy. They went through each day as a happily married couple. Three years later, they were blessed with their first child, a daughter.

The couple began to feel the pinch as Robert’s earnings was hardly enough for the three of them. He quit his job and received a generous separation pay, which he used mainly to procure fishing implements. He also put up a small sari-sari store. With these, the couple gain was able to live more comfortably.

However, with the coming of a second daughter, the couple again had to make hard decisions. The child was sickly and often needed hospital care. This drained the couple’s savings and they eventually had to sell everything and even close their sari-sari store.

It was certainly not the end of their story. Starting over, at times desperate, but always determined, they have proven themselves resilient in the face of the many challenges and changes that came their way.
Robert was already employed as a construction worker by the time the couple joined EnFaNCE’s Family Budget and Savings Program. They heard about the program from a neighbor. They were able to open a savings account and with guidance, learned how to budget wisely.

Their money grew along with their confidence. They had their third child while enrolled in the program and life continued to be relatively agreeable for the family. They were able to re-open their sari-sari store, this time with more goods to sell. They were even able to renovate their house, put up a second level, and expand their store.

In December 2013, the couple was even able to send 20,000 pesos to their relatives who survived super typhoon Yolanda which hit Samar.

This family’s response to the tempo of life, with all its ups and downs has been remarkable. Unflinching in their aspiration for a better life, and with a little help — a nudge here and there — to get them through the many challenges of an urban life in flux, this family should be able to face even bigger challenges ahead.

Success story: Generous donations

PortraitLast July 2013, two of the children of Mrs. S, one of EnFaNCE’s beneficiaries were rushed to the Malnutrition Ward of the University of Sto.Tomas Hospital in Espana, Manila, upon the strong recommendation and referral made by one of the Family Counselors (FCs) of EnFaNCE.

Mrs. S is a resident of Bldg 27, Aroma Temporary housing, Vitas, Tondo. Both she and her husband work as scavengers earning an average of only 300 pesos a day depending on the volume of garbage that they could sift through.

Before being brought to the hospital, the two children were already suffering from severe malnutrition. The eldest, two year old, M.A., has a history of asthma and is also infected by intestinal worms. Prior to being hospitalized M.A. vomited worms, and continuously suffered from diarrhea. The youngest ,C.M., who is about seven months old, was also suffering from diarrhea. When C.M. was born, he was diagnosed as having blood infection or sepsis and had to be confined for weeks at the hospital, because of this C.M.’s constitution is very frail.

Currently Mrs. S and her two children are still confined at the UST-MalWard for their recovery. The FCs of EnFaNCE facilitated their admission to the hospital because UST-MalWard is a partner, and as such indigent patients referred to them need not pay the cost of the room, doctors’ fees, and initial laboratory tests.

However, the hospital does not shoulder the cost for medicines, dextrose and other similar expenses. To help the family EnFaNCE assisted the family in seeking help with different foundations and institutions who gives donations to such cases as that of M.A. and C.A.

Art Book

After 10 years of operation, ENFANCE published a book sharing the stories of the families daily struggling with the living conditions of the slums of Manila.

Here are some sample pages from our latest Art Book:

View or download the Families’ Art Book in full (152MB)

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