Gigantic fire in Parola

A gigantic fire has devastated Parola in March 2015. More than 3,000 houses have been destroyed and 1,000 families who were living near the seashore will be relocated far from Manila.

ENFANCE went a few hour after in the area to help families recovering from the disaster and encourage them to withdraw the money they previously saved in ENFANCE’s field office through the Piso-Pisong account ENFANCE created.

National Week for Overcoming Poverty

Families from ENFANCE attended one public forum held by ATD Fourth World on relocation and livelihood. These members came back to attend and provide feedback of their own experience during the national week for overcoming extreme poverty, with the participation of the UNICEF.

“Ang piso-pisong impok ay isang malaking bagay. Ang kahirapan po ay hindi hadlang basta magkakaisa tayo,” shared Alicia Voces, one of the community representatives from ENFANCE Foundation, Inc. (Every peso saved is a big thing. Poverty is not a hindrance to our unity.)

National Week for Overcoming Poverty

An article was published in Rappler about it!

Training with SEED

We did a shared training with SEED, a micro-finance institute in the Philippines, operating in Cavite and Pasay. They shared their expertise on financial literacy training while we shared ours on psychosocial counseling techniques. These training will help both of our organizations to further develop and improve our programs!

Training with SEED

Our partnership with Ateneo University

In May 2014, one batch of Ateneo School of Medicine and Public Health (ASMPH) who have followed EnFaNCE’s Program and Communities during one whole year through their Learning Experiences in Communities (LEC) Program presented their analysis, their strategic recommendation and their project for the next year to EnFaNCE and the Ateneo teacher!

They will work on the creation of a Survival Kit in the slum on Manila composed of a referral booklet providing information on all the existing services and of a Book providing all the information about the most common diseases in the area.


Partnership with DLSU-Manila COSCA

In January 2014, we signed a MOU with De la Salle University through their Service Learning Program (SLP) and 20 students working on Corporate Social Responsibility came to our office several times to work on different projects from communication tools to the creation of cooperative for the inhabitants of Baseco. They finished their project in April 2014 and a new

MOU should be signed as soon as the new semester will begin.

Here is a quote from Marietta P. Guanzon, Service Learning Coordinator at  the Center for Social Concern and Action (COSCA), De La Salle University Manila:

Our partnership with Enfance, through the Service-Learning Program, provided a challenging opportunity for DLSU students to better understand the plight of the poorest of the poor sector of the Philippine society and engaged them to respond to community needs. Enfance has helped open the minds and hearts of lasallians to translate their knowledge into actual service of the less fortunate. Our reciprocal partnership with Enfance addresses both the university and community needs.

Partnership with Ateneo

ENFANCE partnered with Ateneo School of Medicine and Public Health through their Learning Experience in Community Program. They analyzed the stategy of ENFANCE and presented it during their final examination.

Then, they collect data about all the services provided by the government and other NGOs in nearby areas where ENFANCE is operating in order to publish a referral booklet in the first quarter of 2015.

This referral booklet will help the family counselors to provide accurate information to families, it could also be distributed to the families and finally, it will help ENFANCE to assess which services are lacking in the area.

Friends International

After having an immersion on April 2014 to have a better understanding of our program, Friends International delivered to our whole team a training on drugs on May 2014, as this is a major issue in the areas where we are working. This training was very fruitful and should be continued and deepened in the next few months!

Manila Business College (MBC)

In April 2014, we had a meeting with the Manila Business College to renew our MOU with them. Thanks to this partnership, EnFaNCE is able to endorse some of their families so that they will be able to benefit from the Unlimited Scholarship Program (USP) of MBC if their grades in high school were high enough.

Besides, the youth can also be enrolled in the SEED program, in which they will work part-time for company like Jollibee and as a result will be able to pay for their tuition fees!

Amis de Soeur Emmanuelle (ASMAE)

EnFaNCE conducted a fruitful training to ASMAE’s partners’ organizations in March 2014. The topic was the parenting issues and how to implement an accurate family approach. The intervention provided theoretical inputs, guidelines, tools and tips, but it also shared case studies on which all the participants could reflect and use their new knowledge. The 20 participants (social workers, psychologists, street educators, etc.) gave us a very good feedback and we hope to continue doing training like this in the future !

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