About ENFANCE Foundation

Through its involvement in disadvantaged communities, ENFANCE Foundation is dedicated to reach out the poorest and left behind families. Our Family Development Approach focuses on developing self-reliance and problem solving capacities by establishing a relationship of trust and linking families...

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How to get involved

We have a range of volunteer and training programs available to individuals and organizations. Find out how you can help or how you can be trained. Call +639278930890 or send a message to enfancefoundation@gmail.com

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If you would like to participate to our efforts to make services accessible to the poorest of the poor, find out how you can help! Become a volunteer The team is welcoming volunteers with all sorts of talents, and flexible on



Discover the story of some of the families who have gone through our programs. Success story: Sari-sari store E.C. is 33 years old and her husband C.C. is 40years old. The couple have five children. Before, the income of the

Enfance Foundation is on YouTube


ENFANCE is on YouTube! We upload videos to our channel from time to time, so please check back every once in a while to stay up-to-date with our activities. Documentary on migrant people in Manila Piso-Pisong Ipon : a Savings

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